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Olive Oil soap is extremely mild and can be used on any skin type, it has been known to help relieve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne and is so mild and gentle that it can be used the most sensitive skin.  Olive oil soap is so gentle that it is safe for babies.

If you are looking for a natural solution to issues with your skin, you are not alone. Millions of people suffer from common skin ailments like eczema, dermatitis, and acne.

Over-the-counter products for these and other issues are in no short supply. However, these factory-made products also contain harsh chemicals and additives that make dry skin even drier.

Luckily, there is an all-natural solution for problems as diverse as fine lines and wrinkles to serious skin diseases.

The benefits of olive oil have been touted for generations. Jackie Kennedy famously used olive oil as a treatment that kept her skin supple and smooth.

Countless others have before and after have found that olive oil is an all-natural moisturizer that has many other health benefits as well.

Olive oil is filled antioxidants that add health and wellness to the skin’s surface. Damage done to the skin by harmful rays from the sun, a poor diet, and even smoking is said to show signs of reversal when olive oil is applied on a daily basis.

Olive oil soap gives you easy access to olive oil’s restorative properties. It is gentle enough to use on your delicate facial area without causing adverse reactions.

When added to homemade soap, olive oil becomes one of nature’s best cleansers. It works well as an eczema treatment when used in the shower. It is also considered the best acne treatment by many skincare professionals.

Many individuals with these skin problems use harsh cleansers in order to strip the dirt and grime from their pores. These cleansers can actually have adverse affects. They leave the skin damaged and vulnerable to more problems in the future. Olive oil soap nurtures the skin while it removes the pollutants that irritate the underlying problem.

Naturally made soap can greatly help you even if you do not have one of the more uncomfortable skin disorders. Dry winter skin is common with nearly everyone who lives in colder climates.

As humidity is removed from the atmosphere, your skin becomes less hydrated. This leads to itchy, cracked skin especially around joints and exposed areas.

Regular use of olive oil soap can replace some of the fluids that your cells need in order to stay soft even during the coldest time of the year.

Of course, winter is not the only season that sees a surge of skin problems. Spring and summer months welcome outdoor activities that require much skin care. Skin problems can arise by encounters with allergens.

Poisonous plants like poison ivy, poison oak, and sumac are some of the worst culprits. Olive oil soap containing Tea Tree can ease the pain caused by these problems. In mild cases, olive oil soap can even replace some medications.

Lavender is one of the only essential oils that is safe to put on babies skin, so an Olive oil soap scented with lavender is an excellent choice for baby.

Lemongrass has a wonderful pick me up scent.  This is a great soap to use first thing in the morning.   Lemongrass is also an oil known for it’s insect repellent properties.

Rosemary is said to help eczema. This essential oil helps to stimulate blood circulation, and reduce inflammation.  The antioxidant and antiseptic properties contained in Rosemary along with the natural soap will help reduce the symptoms of eczema.

Tea Tree has antibacterial and anti inflamatory properties. Tea tree is a healing oil, it has been used for years by the Australian Aboriginals to heal cuts and wounds.  It has antiseptic and antifungal properties which make it an excellent essential oil to add to soap to help treat acne athlete’s foot and toe nail fungus.

Vanilla – I read somewhere once that the scent of vanilla is like a gentle hug from a good friend, leaving you feeling calm and loved.  That just says it all in a nutshell.

It has also been known as a natural aphrodisiac since the early 1700’s the sweet welcoming scent can help set the mood.

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