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Apricot Oil Benefits – it’s mild, it’s gentle and fast absorbing

apricot oil benefits

Apricot Oil is a great benefit for your skin

When this oil is used on your skin it gives great benefits, apricot oil is light and will penetrate deep into the skin, softening and helping it to retain elasticity.

Apricot oil is a wonderful oil for dehydrated, delicate, sensitive, mature skin, it is fast absorbing and an excellent choice for any skin type.

You will find apricot oil in baby products, it is used because it is gentle and mild even for babies skin.

This oil is high in vitamin E content, will penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy feeling and has skin softening properties, for these reasons Apricot Kernal Oil is used in balms, creams, lotions, massage oils and cosmetics.

The high content of Vitamin A and E found in Apricot Kernel Oil helps to repair and promote growth of skin tissues.  Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant helping to protect from toxins, protecting the skin cells and helping to promote the growth of healthy cells.  Vitamin A helps to repair damage and promote the growth of healthy skin cells.

Acne and Apricot Kernel Oil

A high content of the Fatty Acids Oleic and Linoleic give apricot kernel oil anti-inflammatory properties and help to strengthen and repair cells.  The anti-inflammatory properties help the skin retain moisture, which helps to reduce acne breakouts.

With its skin softening and moisturizing properties as well as its ability to easily penetrate the skin this oil is excellent for dry and irritated skin.  Apricot Kernel oil is also good oil for aged skin and works very well on the face, helping the skin retain is elasticity.

Apricot Kernel oil and Sweet Almond Oil have very similar properties, so they are often used in place of one another.  One difference is the cost……Sweet Almond Oil is by far cheaper.

Apricot Kernel oil has also been used as a replacement for mineral oil.  If I had to choose I would definitely use apricot over mineral oil.  Mineral oil can block pores leaving the skin unable to breath.

Apricot Kernel Oil and Skin Care Products

Apricot Kernel oil is often used as a massage oil as it is recommended for sensitive skin and is often used on babies.
This oil is also used extensively in aromatherapy.

Apricot Kernel Oil is an emollient oil, making it an excellent oil for face and body creams, lotions, balms, lip care, hair care and soaps.  If using Apricot Kernel Oil in soap you can use 5-10%, it has some of the same properties as Olive Oil, making it a nice facial bar.

In the 16th century the value of this oil was almost the same as gold.